The Literate Self: Using Storywriting to Develop Fluency, Confidence, and Voice

09/26/2023 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM CT


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This workshop is based on the premise that there is a difference between learning how to write “correctly” and becoming a writer.  Many adult learners are uninterested or afraid of writing because they associate writing with completing a task or assignment. As a result, adult l learners tend to write passively, with little agency or voice.


We begin with the assumption that the practice of teaching writing should foster in adult learners a sense of themselves as competent writers with a distinct voice. In this workshop we will participate in storywriting activities that encourage learners’ self-expression and creativity, while also developing techniques for effective and coherent writing. We will then discuss how to facilitate these. We will also explore how storywriting can serve as the foundation for teaching writing mechanics with middle to upper level ESL and ABE students, as well as forming the foundation for essay writing in a GED/HSE program of study.


This training is part of our Instructional Techniques series. Content is designed with tutors and teachers in mind, although everyone is welcome! 

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